Classic Hot   37 °C

A dynamic and challenging general level class in true hot yoga fashion, this system of postures with emphasis on deeper breathing are specifically designed for the heated environment. This class opens, strengthens and detoxifies the entire body in a hot, hot room. Suitable for all levels. Wrist + back friendly.

Classic Flow 34 °C

Fluid sequences are linked together with vinyasa flows. Emphasis is placed on the synergy between breath and movement. Great for upper body strength and improving cardiovascular health.

Wild at Heart 28 °C & 32 °C

Fun and creative, this class is ideal for practitioners who love to move and are looking to take their practice to the next level. Combining strong vinaysa-based elements that lead to arm balances, inversions and more creative sequencing.

Simply 28 °C & 32 °C

This class takes the best of vinyasa at a slower pace and with less heat in the room to create a solid foundation before moving onto other styles. Suitable for beginners.

Yin 22 
Targets the connective tissues, ligaments and joints of the body. With 3-5 minutes in each of the floor-based postures, we weave in mindfulness techniques making this a deeply nourishing and meditative practice.

*We also offer Classic Flow & Wild at Heart classes in our new express format of 50 minutes.
** Classes that are 28 degrees are conducted in studio b