Dreamcatcher + Yin Workshop

Solidify your intention and creativity for 2017 with this immersive and relaxing afternoon of yin yoga and dream catcher weaving.

We will begin with a nourishing Yin class led by Lauren Howard-Tripp setting the intention for the creation of your own unique dream catcher led by Gaia of Lyrebird crafts. We will explore the sacred origins of dream catchers as well as the symbolism behind crystals and feathers chosen for your dream catcher.

Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing, bring along any special items you would like to incorporate into your dream catcher. All materials are natural and will be provided.

About NamArtste

NamARTste explores the transformative power of creativity through the Union of the Arts
and the eight-limbed path of yoga. Visit us
at www.namARTste.com.au to learn more.

Gaia has been making, selling and teaching about dream catchers for many years. You can find out more about Gaia via Lyrebird Crafts on Facebook.

Dates & times: March 26th  in St Kilda 1- 3.30pm (2.5 hours)
Investment: $55 non members / $50 GRY Members

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