We’re so happy you found us!  Our introductory offer is for new students only who have never visited Grass Roots Yoga.  With wide variety of classes each week across our studios and growing, we offer a range of hot and non hot yoga classes to make sure you can enjoy a varied and complete yoga experience.

The introductory offer allows you to visit any class at any studio once per day for 30 days. To sign up to the introductory offer simply visit the schedule page, sort the classes by your preferred location then select the class you wish to take and this will take you to the set up and payment screen. Once you’ve done that you can download our mobile app for easy sign in and then we look forward to welcoming you to our studios.

$50 for 30 days access to any of our studios – St Kilda & Mornington! That’s cheaper per day than your take away coffee.  New students only please.

Still have questions? If you still have questions please either email intro@grassrootsyoga.com or call Grass Roots Yoga on 1300 NAMASTE (626 278) to discuss your particular questions or concerns.