Q:        How do I sign up for the introductory offer?
A:         Our $50 for 30 Day Yoga pass is for first time students to Grass Roots Yoga. You can purchase this awesome pass online by following the instructions on the introductory offer page. This pass starts from the first class you book into.

Q:        What should I expect from my first class?
A:         To sweat. Most of our classes are heated but are all beginner friendly. Wear something that you might wear if you were to go for a run on a hot day, bring some water, mat and towel (we have all of this for hire/purchase) at the studio as well.

Q:        It’s my first time to the studio – what do I do?
A:         We recommend arriving 10 or 15 minutes prior to class and to take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the studio and our staff. Try not to eat 2-3 hours before class and arrive well hydrated. Wear exercise clothing to sweat in, and don’t forget to bring a towel and a big bottle of water. For the safety of your fellow students, please do not bring glass anywhere into the studio.

For more great tips please check out our ‘new to yoga’ page on our website website

Q:        What classes should I come to as a complete beginner?
A:         Most of our classes (other than Vinyasa Flow) are beginner friendly. Each class we offer levels of poses to suit each level of practitioner. More information about what to expect as a beginner on our new to yoga page.

Q:        Do you have towel and mat hire?
A:         Yes. We also sell water, coconut water and hydrolytes along with other retail products available for purchase.

Q:        Can I do all of the classes?
A:        All classes are beginner friendly. We recommend that you take a look at our new to yoga page where you’ll find the classes we recommend.

Q:        Can I practice yoga at any age?
A:        Anyone of any age can practice yoga. If you wish to do our hot classes our minimum age is 16 and both 16 & 17 year olds need to be accompanied by a parent. All other classes are suitable for all ages.


Q:        Is this Bikram or do you practice Bikram poses?
A:        At GRY we teach a mindful yoga classes. We have the flexibility of changes depending on themes or particular parts of the body we’re focusing on. We prioritise functional alignment to suit everybody, not a one size fits all approach to yoga like Bikram. We appreciate that every body is different.

For more information on all of our class styles check out our website.

Q:        Can I practice if I’m pregnant?
A:         At Grass Roots Yoga we recommend getting the advice of your GP or Obstetrician, as heated classes might not be suitable during pregnancy, especially for beginners. Please always advise your instructor of your pregnancy prior to the class.

Q:        Which are the best classes to start with if I am new to yoga?
A:         Check out our new to yoga page to find out more.

Q:        What facilities are available?
A:         Each of our studios has change rooms and showers equipped with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser and even hair dryers.


Q:      Can I still go to class if I haven’t booked?
A:      Yes. Although we do recommend booking in advance we do hold some walk in spots for each class.

Q:      I’ve booked into class and now I can’t attend – How do I cancel?
A:      The same way you booked. If it was online go into your profile and see your reservations and a ‘cancel class’ button will appear. If you booked on the app go into the class you signed up for and the ‘sign up’ button will have changed to ‘cancel reservation’. Please do not call to book or cancel classes.

Q:      What if I’m booked in and miss the class?
A:      If you “no show” or cancel within one hour of the class start time, you will be charged (as per your package- casual, 5 & 10 class passes as single) for the class as it often means another student is unable to attend.


Q:      I have booked into a class and would like to bring a guest but don’t know how to book them in?

A:      As we ask for terms and conditions to be signed online by each student we ask that each individual students who wishes to visit GRY create their own account before visiting. This means they also have to sign themselves into classes.

Q:      I arrived at the studio and the door was locked – what do I do if this happens again?
A:      Simply, arrive earlier. Teachers scheduled for the class you missed are often the only staff on hand at that time at the studio, so we can’t accept late arrivals I’m sorry. It is always recommended to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class time to secure your mat.


If you have left something at the studio we keep it in our lost property for approximately 1 week. Please visit the studio 30 before or after the scheduled class time and we’ll have a look for you.