Soul Flow Sunday

Looking to deepen your practice? Combining flowing yoga movement and the sound of sacred mantras Soul Flow will take you beyond mere physical exercise into a whole new level of connectedness, love and bliss. Come for a beautiful deep evening of movement, meditation, kirtan chanting and relaxation.

A bit about kirtan (chanting) Chanting sacred mantras which are infused with divinity will very quickly connect you to the sweetest part of you. Whether you choose to participate by singing along or tune into the feeling created by those chanting, you will begin to feel a sense of peace, a sense of joy, a feeling of deep love and a connection to the divinity within you, a divinity that connects us all to the source – pure consciousness. Chanting the sacred mantras opens our hearts and minds and synchronises our very being to a much higher plane-on this plane, the phenomenon we call Shakti.

Chanting is a non denominational practice and is open to everybody regardless of religion or personal beliefs. It’s an amazing way to find our inner Self within a clear space of good feeling.

Date: Sunday 17th September
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Cost: $40 – 10% discount for GRY members