January/February 2018 in St Kilda

This 50 hour teacher training & approach to yin yoga is one of body, heart and mind. Yin yoga serves as a platform for self – enquiry; offering the opportunity to develop profound personal insight through balancing physical, emotional and energetic systems. It serves to nourish, stimulate and ultimately revitalise.

It is the stillness of yin yoga that serves as a bridge to mindfulness meditation techniques; one of the key focal points of this training, along with a deeper understanding of functional anatomy with course material inspired by yin yoga creator Paul Grilley.

Shannon Barry and Leonie Lockwood bring a unique perspective to this training, with Shannon being a part of the Insight Institute run by Sarah & Ty Powers and Leonie, a dedicated student of Paul & Suzee Grilley. They offer a perfect blend of mindfulness techniques, functional anatomy, exploration of meridian theory and an engaging learning environment

This 50 hour training is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to empower you to deliver safe and engaging classes and provide a platform of learning for those seeking further knowledge of this ‘quiet’ practice.

Course outline:

 Anatomy of yin yoga

  • yin and yang – the difference
  • functional anatomy and its application
  • working with sensitive areas, injuries
  • props for yin yoga postures – when to use and when lose

Mindfulness techniques in yin yoga
Chinese meridian theory as applied in Yin yoga

  • Meridian pairs
  • Key meridian pathways
  • Chi

The art of sequencing an effective yin practice

And much more…..

Dates & Times

Friday,Saturday, Sunday’s
Weekend 1 : January 26th, 27th, 28th
Weekend 2: February 9th, 10th, 11th

9am – 6pm daily

Early Bird – $800 if booked by 19th Dec 2017
Full Fee – $950

A deposit of $250 can be paid to secure your spot.

Deposit of $250 is needed to secure your spot with full payment needed 4 weeks prior to commencement of training. Click here to view our refund policy


Late last year, I completed my Yin Teacher Training with Leonie & Shannon and it was AWESOME!! Any yogis out there considering further studies I can’t recommend this course enough – perfect amount of knowledge shared over the three weekends, understanding of the skeleton & how everybody’s bodies are different, acknowledging that we are unique and our target area’s are also, being able to sing and dance and get in touch with our own mindful practices, and being free to think outside the box – what a powerful experience to share with your students. So much fun, knowledge & sharing was had, I can’t wait for level 2 & 3 training to be available.
– – Amanda Pittard

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought the 2 of you bounced off each other well. Leonie, your humility and gentleness were a pleasure and a delight. Shannon, I like a direct approach. You always know where you stand,  With your knowledge and humour, it kept the course light as well as informative. There is nothing more adverse to learning than sitting for extended periods of time listening to dialogue. That you kept such a large group alert and attentive and present for long days, is a credit to the work you both put in.  I particularly enjoyed the interactive and practical approach to bodies and how they move, where they feel and how it can be done differently.  
— Alison Corsie

I’d had a bit of a love hate relationship with yin yoga over the last three years, which stemmed in part from the many forms of yoga purported to be yin yoga offered around the traps. So I entered this course with curiosity and limited expectations. After three intensive, thought-provoking and inaction-packed weekends, I gained a much deeper understanding about true yin yoga as well as about the human body in general (much of which is relevant to yang forms of yoga as well). Shannon’s and Leonie’s teaching styles complement each other to engage and educate their students with a well thought out class structure mixing theory, practice, visuals, experimentation, discussion and a generous sprinkling of humour allowing us to build a solid yin yoga teaching foundation. Who knew that mostly lying around on the floor for three weekends could be so intensely enlightening!?!  
— David Mentha