GRY goes beachside

GRY goes beachside

Grass Roots Yoga is excited to announce it’s new Mornington studio which opens on 11th April this year.

On the weekend of 11th & 12th of April we will have free yoga all weekend. Stay tuned for that weekends schedule.

GRY members and pass holders can use any studio.


At Grass Roots Yoga, we aim to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, level or mindset by offering a wide variety of classes.

Across our two studios (St Kilda & Richmond) our core offering is hot yoga with a mindful twist. We believe that the ‘yogic path’ is not limited to postures alone but the skilful integration of mindfulness – yes, even in hot yoga!

Each class on our schedule stretches, strengthens and tones muscles whilst detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

We also offer two teacher trainings programs (Mindful Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga) along with a range of workshops and mindfulness courses throughout the year.

Our Hot Yoga classes are not Bikram Yoga classes.