Yoga Nidra with Shelley

Yoga Nidra with Shelley

Beginning with a series of gentle asana and pranayama to warm the body you will then spend half an hour being guided through a yoga nidra.

Coming from the India yoga tradition, Yoga nidra translates as “yogic sleep” which is a semi-hypnotic state somewhere between being awake and asleep. students will lie in a restorative pose with blankets whilst being guided through this relaxing meditation.

At Grass Roots Yoga, we aim to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, level or mindset by offering a wide variety of classes.

Across our two studios in St Kilda and Richmond our core offering is in hot yoga with a mindful twist. We believe that the ‘yogic path’, is not limited to postures alone but the skilful integration of mindfulness, yes, even in hot yoga!

Each of the classes on our schedule, although diverse in their offering, stretches, strengthens and tones muscles whilst detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

Our Hot Yoga classes are not Bikram Yoga classes.